How to Collect Candy / Pokemon Go Tips for Collecting Candies

What are Pokemon Go candies?

Pokemon Go candies are candies that you collect whenever you obtain a new Pokemon. You can repeatedly catch the same Pokemon and collect candies for that Pokemon. Candies can be used to level up a Pokemon or evolve a Pokemon. There really aren't any cheats, glitches or hacks for Pokemon Go candies so here are some tips.

1. Repeatedly catching the same Pokemon.

For every Pokemon you catch (even if it's not new for your Pokedex) you will receive 3 candies for that Pokemon. So if you catch a Zubat you will receive 3 Zubat candies. You can sit near Pokestops with lures on them and just repeatedly catch Pokemon over and over. Be sure to pass by enough Pokestops and collect Pokeballs or else you'll eventually run out.

2. Egg hatching.

You can hatch eggs to collect candies too! Find out more about Pokemon Go eggs and hatching. Every time you hatch a Pokemon from an egg you get at least 10 candies for that Pokemon. So, again, for example if you hatch a Zubat from an egg you will receive at least 10 Zubat candies. Yep, you read it right; 10 candies.

3. Transfering Pokemon to Professor Willow

If you click on a Pokemon and scroll all the way down to the bottom you will find a button that says 'transfer'. Transfering a Pokemon will give you one candy. That extra can be helpful if you have many of the same Pokemon. If you caught 10 Zubats you would of gotten 3 candies for each Zubat so that's 30 candies and transferring each Zubat will give you one candy for each. So thats 30 candies + 10 candies for transferring.

Transfer Pokemon with caution. Once you transfer a Pokemon there is NO WAY of getting that particular Pokemon back. Don't transfer anything you want to keep.

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